About the Programs

Community Produced Programs

Asian Times TV

Dinesh Sharma examines cutting edge issues in the Asia Pacific region as they impact the US and multilateral challenges of globalization. The show includes interviews with leading thinkers and journalists. Produced at Princeton TV.

Tues. at 10:00 am, Wed. at 9:30 pm and Thurs. at 7:30 am


Back Story with Joan Goldstein

Monthly forum hosted by sociologist and educator Joan Goldstein will explore current issues of the day, both national and local, with guests invited for their expertise or particular viewpoints. Produced at PrincetonTV.

Mon. at 7:00 am, Wed. at 8:30 pm and Sun. at 5:30 pm.


Breezin’ With Bierman

Media manipulator and Local Legend Adam Bierman host the show with his flunky the acerbic perpetually bright Kurt Tazalaar.  The show features interviews with many notable people from the area along with Adam’s insightful and humorous commentary. Live broadcast the last Friday of the month, with repeat broadcasts the rest of the month. Produced at PrincetonTV.

Fridays 8:00 pm, Live Broadcast on the last Friday of the month.


Café Improv

Monthly home grown performance series featuring area artists recorded live.

Mon. at 8:00 pm, and Thurs. at 1:00 am.



This program highlights interesting places and people of Princeton. Hosted by Anne Reeves. Produced at PrincetonTV.

Mon. at 7 pm, Thurs. at 10:30 am, and Sun. 11:00 am.


The Dr. Joy Show

Your prescription for total wellness. Produced at PrincetonTV.

Wed. at 11:30 am, Thurs. at 6:00 pm and Sun. at 8:00 am.


Education Round Table

This show focuses on how students and parents fit in the educational process. Local educational pundits provide viewers a better understanding of New Jersey children's educational experience. Produced and hosted by Aggie Sung Tang. Produced at Princeton TV.

Wed. at 7 pm, Thurs. at 7 am and Sat. at 7:30 am.


Fistful of Popcorn

Princeton’s long-running and award-winning movie discussion program. During each show, the four panelists discuss in depth one or two films currently in theaters.  Produced at PrincetonTV.

Wed. at 8 pm, Sat. 1:00 am, Sun. 10:30 am.


Focus On

A weekly public affairs program that informs viewers on a core group of topics:  Business, Education, Health and Human Interest. Hosted by Lew Goldstein, and educator with over 20 years of experience in the education and academia arena, each show is designed to address topics vital to our viewers' lives. Produced at PrincetonTV.

Mon. at 6 pm and Thurs. at 10 am.

The Kari Adams Show

Kari presents a unique, warm style as she uncovers inspirational stories of strength and courage gained through struggle and difficult times. She compassionately unveils the quiet heroes of our world and the tenacity of the human spirit. Produced at PrincetonTV.

Tues. at 7:30 pm, Thurs. at 11:00 am and Sun. at 8:30 am.


Leading Change

Want to know what’s really changing in the world of business today?  Leading Change, produced & hosted by Tara Seager, spotlights today’s top business leaders, and the challenges they face in a constantly changing landscape. Topics include transformation in healthcare, industry & organizational change, women’s leadership, and “real life” human resource stories. Produced at PrincetonTV.

Mon. at 7:30 pm, Wed. at 9:30 am and Sat. at 9:00 am.


Managing Your Wealth

Deborah Frazier brings you this educational program designed to discuss topics focused on wealth management that are both timely and relevant to our economic environment.  Deborah, a seasoned industry professional, is a Financial Advisor with RBC Wealth Management. Produced at PrincetonTV.

Mon. at 6:30 pm, Wed. at 9:00 am and Sun. at 1:30 pm.


Medical Tips You Need to Know

Hosts Patricia Raya, RN, C, MBA and Corine Mogenis, Medical Paralegal, experts in the healthcare arena, discuss various health topics of concern and aim to help people navigate the complex healthcare system, take charge of their health care and "Get Empowered, Get Educated and Get Healthy!!. Produced at PrincetonTV.

Wed. at 6:00 pm, Thurs. at 11:30 am and Sun. at 10:00 am.



Life Success Coach Natasha Sherman interviews guests in her unique and intimate up-close-and-personal style.  Topics range from tattoos to nuclear weapons, with guests from around the globe.  Hers is an open dialogue designed to expand our understanding of ourselves, our communities, and beyond.  Produced at PrincetonTV.

Tuesdays at 6:30 pm, Thurs. at 6:30 pm and Sat. at 6:30 am


Non-Profit NJ

This show focuses on the issues and ideas that impact New Jersey’s nonprofit sector. The show provides a forum to explore the unique issues faced by those with an interest in the nonprofit sector, including managers, Board members and those starting out in the sector. Produced at PrincetonTV.

Thurs. at 7:00 pm, Fri. at 10:30 am and Sun. at 9:00 pm


Off the Front Page

Produced and hosted by Diane Ciccone is devoted to discussing issues that are important but often missed by corporate media or quickly fade from the headlines. Off the Front Page speaks to experts, politicians and community folks to discuss the importance and impact of issues from health, environment, local and world issues to name a few. 

Tues. at 1:30 am, Wed. at 7:30 am and Thurs. at 7:30 pm.


Reed & Ponder

Politics, Policy and People in New Jersey. Hosted by Ingrid Reed and Michele Tuck-Ponder. Produced at PrincetonTV.

Thurs. at 8:00 pm and Fri. at 7:00 am



Pathways produced and hosted by Jenny Hartshorne shares the stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things and the pathways they choose to overcome obstacles while achieving miracles. Produced at PrincetonTV.

Wed. at 1:00 am & 9:00 pm and Sat. at 9:30 am


Perdidos en America

This program looks at common problems and issues that Hispanic immigrants are facing while they adjust to their new life in the United States.  All topics are possible for discussion and practical advices, from citizenship to food, from politics to entertainment,  while educating and informing the community of the host of organizations and resources available for them in New Jersey. It is also a tool for those who have some knowledge of Spanish, as they can practice what they learned while enjoying the beautiful and rich Hispanic culture. Produced at PrincetonTV.

Sat. at 8:00 pm and Sun. at 1:00 pm


El programa enfoca los problemas e inquietudes que enfrenta la comunidad hispana mientras se acostumbran a su nueva vida en los Estados Unidos.  Los temas a tratarse son de interes general, tales como immigracion, nutricion, politica, entretenimiento, etc., mientras se educa e informa a la comunidad sobre la abundancia de organizaciones y recursos a su disposicion en New Jersey. El programa sirve tambien como "herramienta" para quienes tienen conocimientos de espanol, pues pueden practicar lo aprendido mientras disfrutan de la belleza y riqueza de la cultura hispana.

Sábado 8: 00 pm. y domingo en el 1:00 pm.

Princeton Adult School

Highlights of courses from The Princeton Adult School,

Wed. at 10:00 am and Sat. at 2:00 pm

Skyrocket Your Business

Did you ever think of running your own business? Helen Burton and guests teach you how to begin and offer tools to help you reach your full potential. Produced at PrincetonTV.

Mon. at 10:30 am, Wed. at 6:30 pm and Sun. at 5:00 pm.


Speak Up & Step Out

Going beyond abuse and addiction recovery. Produced and hosted by Meena Singh. Produced at Princeton TV.

Tues. at 6:00 pm, Fri. at 11:00 am and Sun. at 2:30 pm.


Talented People with Jeanne Murphy

This show feature talented authors, musicians, singers, celebrities and authorities on subject matters that appeal to the general public. The show is uplifting, inspiring and will entertain your entire family. Produced by Jeanne Murphy and Colleen Kelly.

Tues. 7:00 pm and Sun. at 11:30 am.


This Week in Education

News and information in the Princeton Regional Schools. Produced at PrincetonTV.

Fri. at 11:30 am, Sun. 6:30 pm.


Wisdom & Beyond with Dr. Teena Cahill

Lively discussion about resilience, leadership and the myth of balance. Produced at PrincetonTV.

Wed. at 7:00 pm and Thurs. at 7:00 am


Locally Sponsored Programs

Aging Insights

The New Jersey Council on Aging presents this program which presents information about aging issues.

Sat. at 8:00 am and Sun. at noon

Alliance for Democracy - Populist Dialogues

Powerful voices speaking on critical issues.

Tues. at 2:00 pm and Fri. at 9:00 am.

Alternative Root TV

A weekly Americana Roots Music Program hosted by Reb Landers from The Alternate Root Magazine.

Fri. at 2:00 am and 10:30 pm.

Arts Alive

A digital video, describing dance around San Francisco Bay.

Wed. at 1:00 am and Thurs. at 11:30 pm.

Books of Our Time

The Massachusetts School of Law produces this show featuring renowned authors, pundits, columnists and scholars.

Mon. at 11:00 am, and Sun. at 8:00 pm.

Catholic Corner

This show features guests of faith who try to make a positive difference in their communities and their world. The series has been in production for more than 15 years, is hosted by Msgr. Walter Nolan, pastor of St. Paul Church, Princeton.

Sat. at 4:00 pm and Sun. at 8:30 am.

Cinema Classics

Princeton TV brings back the good old days of Hollywood.

Sat. at 12:00 pm and Sun. at 10:00 pm.

Classroom Closeup NJ

Focus is on innovative projects happening in the New Jersey public schools.

Fri. at 7:30 pm and Sat. at 7:00 am.

Cristo Para Todos

Spanish language religious program from the makers of Catholic Corner.

Sat. at 7:30 pm and Sun. at 12:30 pm.

Democracy Now

News and information hosted by Amy Goodman.   

Live Monday – Friday 8:00 am, repeats at midnight.


This program features a wide range of topics—from animal rights, health and human services, and poverty to the environment, education, and spirituality. Delivered in short, digestible bites, explore films appeal to viewers of all ages, from children learning about other cultures for the first time to adults looking for a fresh perspective on the world around them.

Tues. at 10:30 am and Wed. at 1:30 am.

European Journal

The stories in Europe are important ones and deserve more than the occasional 30 seconds on the nightly news. This program provides Americans with consistent depth and insight on developments taking place inside the EU.

Tues. at 10:30 pm and Wed. at 9:30 am.

Freedom Magazine

Award-winning television series that exposes areas of corruption, duplicity and profiteering by the psychiatric, psychological and pharmaceutical industries.

Fri. at 7:00 pm and Sat. at 1:30 am.

Future Talk

Examines the impact of global technology, both the positive and negative, and tries to see where new scientific developments are leading us.

Wed. at 7:00 am and Sat. at 2:00 am.

Gardening Rhythms

A comprehensive urban gardening show (for any skill level gardener) embracing the wisdom of traditional farming systems, modern scientific, permaculture and technological knowledge.

Mon. at 9:00 am, Fri. at 6:00 pm and Sat at 9:30 am.


Candid, respectful discussions of one of the most controversial areas of our personal lives: Gender. Starting with transgender issues, broadening into all of gender, and touching on race, class, and politics.

Wed. at 2:30 am and Sun. at 6:00 pm.

Global 3000

Hosted by Journalist Michaela Küfner, Global 3000 provides in-depth analysis, investigative reporting, and portraits of people who are making a difference on the planet.

Mon. at 10:30 pm, Tues. at 7:30 am.

Horses Sing None Of It

Folk music series produced and hosted by New Jersey’s Ralph Litwin.

Sat. at 6:00 pm and Sun. at 4:00 pm.

In Focus

This program runs the gamut from investigative reporting, to historical background to cultural profile. Using content from documentary makers around Europe, In Focus is an award winning collection of films that showcase the best of independent and network film-makers.

Mon. at 7:30 am and Wed. at 10:30 pm.

Jerry Tyler’ Country Music

Music video’s and more hosted by Jerry Tyler.

Sat. at 5:00 pm and Sun. at 3:00 pm.

Labor Beat

Independent rank and file labor forum that documents issues of importance to workers.

Tues. at 11:00 am, Fri. at 1:00 am and Sun. at 7:00 pm.

Miles of Music

Bob Miles hosts one of the most unique programs on television. This series takes you on a behind-the-scenes look at rock stars on the road and in the studio. You will experience what it really like to be a professional musician. From rock to blues, from country to jazz, each show will have a variety of segments that will range from in-depth interviews to factory tours of musical instrument companies.

Sat. at 6:30 pm and Sun. at 4:30 pm.

Movie Time

Late night cinema from yesteryear. They just don’t make ‘em like this anymore.

Sat. at midnight.

Perils for Pedestrians

This series promotes awareness of issues affecting the safety of people who walk and bicycle.

Tues. 11:30 am and Fri. at 1:30 am.

Realfaith TV

RFTV reaches out to teens that are looking for answers to many of the issues they face in today's world, and help them with those issues through a Catholic faith perspective.

Sat. at 4:30 pm and Sun. at 8:30 am.

Sleepless in Gaza and Jerusalem

This program chronicles life under occupation through the eyes of young Palestinian women as they pursue their personal and professional goals.

Tues. at 2:30 am, Fri. at 9:30 am and Sun. at 7:30 pm.

Tomorrow Today

This program brings you the people who are looking ahead - visionaries, lateral thinkers, and the minds who are shaping our world.

Thurs. at 10:30 pm and Saturday at 2:30 am.

What Matter Most

This show is a gentle push to inspire change.  It delves into the lives, passion, beliefs & experiences that have made our guests quest to become courageous warriors and transform not only their lives but the lives of others.  So pull up a chair, relax and listen up because…the simple things in life are What Matters Most.

Mon. at 10:00 am and Thurs. at 11:00 pm.

Weekly Bible Lesson

The Christian Science Weekly Bible Lesson is a daily resource providing a practical outline of spiritual self-study that explores topics pertinent to every day living.  Comfort, healing, solace, energy and inspiration from the Bible are brought together with insights from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, the textbook of Christian Science, in a convenient, easy-to-follow format.  The inspiring ideas from the Weekly Bible Lesson can be applied at work, at home, at school—wherever you go.  This daily resource can help you find insight and strength to make intelligent choices, handle challenging situations and be a source of comfort to others.

Weekdays at 6:30 am.

The Wood Whisperer

Marc Spagnuolo, professional woodworker and contributing editor for Popular Woodworking Magazine, provides compelling and sometimes comical details on various woodworking projects and techniques.

Fri. at 6:30 pm & Sun. at 6:30 am.

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